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Rain Plans!

You know, they say, "rain on your wedding day means good luck," but when it's your wedding day and you've planned this big outdoor ceremony and reception, rain is the last thing you want to see on the forecasts. So what's the rain plan?!

Back in October, I was coordinating an outdoor wedding, and you would never guess what was on the forecast! Not just rain, but a hurricane! Here we are about to have an outdoor ceremony and reception and they are calling for a hurricane. It's a good thing we weren't on the beach!

The venue had a tent that the reception was set up for, so we went ahead and set up the reception on rehearsal night and hoped and prayed the storm would pass by the next day... well that was not the case. It was too late in the game to call a tent rental company and get another tent set up before the ceremony, plus it was the highly coveted 10/10/2020 date that every wedding couple dreamed about; and if a venue had that date available it was booked instantly. So we had to think of another idea.

With the rain pouring, plan B had to happen...set up the ceremony with the reception. Now I know what you're thinking..."huhhh?!," but it really was not that bad. We set up the little stage for the couple at the back of the tent, with enough room on both sides for the bridal party. The guests tables were set on either side of the aisle and guests were encouraged to go ahead and sit at their table while they enjoy the ceremony. Two rows on both sides of the aisle were set out in front of the stage for the couple's family to enjoy. And we were all set!

The wedding began and umbrellas were passed through the bridal party to make it inside the tent and the bride rode around in her dads hotrod car! Everyone enjoyed the wedding ceremony and reception and had the time of their lives! Rain or hurricane wouldn't put a damper on their big day!

So... what's your rain plan? Haven't thought about it yet? Hire Destination Us and we will help you with that! Call 803-246-9090 or email

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