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Weddings, Events, and COVID19

2020, the year weddings and events were cancelled week by week. Covid19 hit the United States with record breaking numbers. Decisions had to be made. Cancel the wedding? Or, scale it down? Postpone?

2021, the year all the weddings were rescheduled... Yet, here comes the Delta variant. Weddings were rescheduled. Vaccines were developed. Immunity was in sight. And August brought in the Delta variant. Here we are, having to make decisions. What should we do? How do I go about having my wedding? I don't want to reschedule it again. Shall I wait until 2022?

There are many different ways to combat having events in this pandemic we have all become to hate. But how do you choose the one that best fits you and your guests' needs? I hope to help with just that! *Disclaimer: This post does not represent the political or social views of Destination Us, LLC and/or owner. This post is meant to share potential options for event hosts.*

  1. Socially Distanced Seating

  2. Negative COVID Test

  3. Vaccination Required

  4. Require Masks

  5. Smaller Gatherings

  6. Just Ignore It All

Socially Distanced Seating

Socially distanced seating is one way to ensure that all of your favorite people are able to attend your event and stay safe! During a wedding ceremony, chairs could be spaced out so that only families are sitting next to each other. At a reception, smaller tables with fewer chairs could be used to ensure only families are sitting with each other. How about a larger dance floor to allow guests to bust a move together, but at a safe distance apart? Whatever you choose, your wedding planner/coordinator and venue would be happy to help you achieve it!

Venues with large ceremony spaces, like Rock Bottom Pond in Ridgeway, SC, are able to put chairs in 4s to ensure guest are socially distanced.

Negative COVID Test

Another option to give you and your guest peace of mind is to require guests to have a negative COVID test within 72 hours of the event! For recently positive guests, letter of cure from doctors work as well. The best way to share this with your guests is by noting it on invitations and your wedding website. Make sure your guests know that this is just to ensure the safety of you and your guests, so that everyone may have the best possible time, even after the event has ended!

Vaccination Required

Requiring proof of vaccinations could also go in hand with negative COVID tests. You could require guests to have one or the other. Or you could just require everyone to be vaccinated. It is your big day and you are allowed to decide who can and cannot attend your wedding or event in an effort to keep yourself safe. To enforce this, you could ask guest to show your welcome attendant their vaccination card before entering the ceremony.

Require Masks

You may even decide to require guests to wear masks. This can even be a wedding favor sitting on the entry table. Even if you decide to not require masks, it may be a good idea to have some available for those that may want one.

Smaller Gatherings

You may choose to have a smaller gathering to celebrate. Some venues and states have gathering restrictions during pandemics to reduce the chance of spreading the virus.

One wedding I did in the past, had a small ceremony where only close family were invited, and a large reception with all the family and friends. This is always a great idea so that everyone you would like to join you for a fun night can be there with you at some point on your big day!

You may also choose to have a smaller wedding and reception all together. Some couples prefer the smaller more intimate gatherings.

Just Ignore It All

The least recommended by all is to just ignore the virus and pretend it doesn't exist. People are getting sick everyday. But it is your wedding day. You get to choose how you want to celebrate. So if you want to live your day not worrying about a thing, then do it! You got this! Have fun and do not stop!

How will you choose to deal with COVID on your wedding day? Or will you leave that up to the guests to decide?

Please visit and listen for local guidance for the latest information and regulations.


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