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Guest Book!

Guest book. Every wedding has one. But does it have to be the traditional book with a bunch of pages that will never see the ink of the pen? NO! Here is a few "non-traditional" guest books the previous Destination Us brides have used!

Wood piece

A nice piece of wood, monogramed, and ready for signatures and words of encouragement. This idea is not there just to be thrown in a box later. This guest book doubles as house decor! The perfect reminder of your perfect day, hanging in your perfect house!


What a fun way to incorporate your wedding guests into your game night! Each guest writes a little note and their name on each block. During game night, you can play and read every note your wedding guests left for you! How fun!

Photo Guest Book

Grab a Polaroid camera and have your guests take a selfie! The pictures print out and they may stick them into the book and sign their names with a little note! Such a great way to see the individuality of each of your wedding guests!

Hearts in a Shadowbox

Cute little heart cutouts that can be purchased at most stores with wedding supplies. Each guest signs a heart and drops it into the shadow box. This box can also be used as house decor after the wedding!

A Record of your First Song

Take a record disc of your first song and either have your guests sign the record sleeve or glue the record to a piece of wood and the guests are able to sign around the record. An awesome reminder of your special day!

What kind of guest book will you use? Let me know in the comments about your original idea or what you think of these ideas that Destination Us brides have created!

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