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5 little things you need for your big day

The decor, vendors, invites, and all the details are covered. While I am here to make sure everything is planned and covered, it's the little things in your emergency kit that you must keep in mind. Here are 5 things for your big day that you probably did not think about!

1 - Cry Proof Mascara

Ulta Beauty

Lash Flash

Warm Water Wash Off Mascara


Whether it's a first look with your love, your family, or your bridal party, the tears are bound to happen. Let's leave those mascara lines and racoon eyes behind with the best mascara I have ever found! Not only is Lash Flash by Ulta Beauty sweat proof and cry proof, it gives your lashes lift and volume!

2 - Thigh Chafing Rescue


Thigh Rescue

Anti-Friction Stick


Wedding gown or bridesmaids dress, the thighs are bound to rub. Save your inner thighs with thigh rescue products. Whether it is Megababe or Goldbond, your thighs will thank you.

3 - Double sided Mounting Tape


Tough & Clear Mounting Tape


This stuff is my go to! My life saver! It stays in my bag. Whether a sign needs to be hung, a wobbly center piece needs to be stuck to the table, or a frame needs to be fixed, mounting tape works! It's like glue on a roll!

4 - Safety Pins

Safety pins

4 assorted sizes


Safety pins are great for many things. They are always saving the day when a dress has a tiny rip or the cleavage is showing more than you are comfortable with. Also perfect for hanging drapery! Different sizes are sure to work with all of your needs.

5 - Boutonniere Pins

Boutonniere Pins


Although florists typically provide one or two pins per boutonniere, it is always nice to have back ups. I always keep a box in my bag just incase! Sometimes the pins given are very weak and break or extremely too long for the boutonniere. It's always best to have back ups!

Is there something that you think I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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toni stallings
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I highly recommend using Madison!

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